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DemoMonkey allows you to turn your software demo in a fully tailored demo for your prospect in minutes: You simply provide text & visual replacements for your application's UI and DemoMonkey turns your generic demo into a personalised experience for your audience.

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Sales Engineers want every demo to be a meaningful for their listeners.

Setting up a system for a demo that fits these needs can often cost hours.

Valuable time SEs should spend otherwise.

DemoMonkey will give you back this time.

Curious how this works?
Try it out here!

Below you find demos for an "Incident Management" and for a "Sales Mangement" system.
Provide DemoMonkey replacements in the format search = replace.
Watch the demo views update in real time from boring to awesome.

Alert Alert!

An error occured

Your super boring system generic-name has a performance issue:

Average Response Time for your.server is above treshold (3000ms)

Last updated 3 mins ago

# Customer Account Manager Stage Expected Revenue
1 Example Company Jane Doe Closed Won 500,000 USD
2 Example Inc. John Doe Closed Lost 100,000 USD
3 Beispiel GmbH Max Mustermann VO 200,000 USD


Severin Neumann is the author of DemoMonkey.

He created DemoMonkey for himself and his colleagues at AppDynamics.

Severin is currently working as a Product Manager at AppDynamics.

Severin Neumann — Author of DemoMonkey

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